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Do all WXCool units have an auto-restart feature after a power interruption?

Yes, all units have this feature.

What is the SEER rating for these units?

Not applicable as there is no efficiency rating standard for portable air conditioners.

Will WXCool units work at 50/60 Hz?

Yes,Weixuan can customize it

How many nozzles come per box when ordered as an accessory or replacement part?

The nozzles come one per box. You need to order two if you need two nozzles.

Is there a check valve on the condensate pumps?

Yes, it prevents water from flowing back into the pump.

What is the life expectancy of these units?

The average life expectancy of a WXCool unit used under normal operating conditions is 10 years.

What is the standard warranty?

Standard warranty offers two years with warranty registration OR one year for unregistered units.

What type of compressor do the units use?

Two design types are utilized: scroll and rotary. We can customize

What is the water tank for? Do they come with a condensation pump?

The water tank is for condensation removal. WXCool collects condensation in the tank at the base of each unit. You can eliminate the need to empty the tank by installing our condensation pump.

How much temperature drop do you get?

An average of 15° to 25° F, from ambient temperature, depending on model and level of humidity, e.g. low humidity = high-temperature drop, high humidity = low-temperature drop.

How does a portable WXCool unit work?

Roll it into position, plug it in, and turn it on. NOTE: If you are in an enclosed room, you will need to exhaust the warm air from the top of the unit out of the room. The drop ceiling space in a typical office will usually satisfy this requirement.

Installation & Maintenance

Do we need to charge any refrigerant?

No, each unit is fully charged and ready to use. Unless there is a leak, refrigerant does not wear out nor does it deplete. Each MovinCool is hermetically sealed to prevent leakage.

What maintenance is required for WXCool?

The only regular maintenance required is cleaning or changing the filters on the units. For more details, please refer to the operations manual.

Can we connect these units to a fire alarm control? Can we connect these units to warning devices or building control systems?

Yes, all the current models are equipped with one signal input connection from fire alarm and one signal output connection for connecting to warning devices or building control systems.

Can we connect a remote thermostat to the units?

Yes, We can customize