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New Style WX-27B

New Style WX-27B

Cooling capacity 9,300BTU(2.7KW)


  • One unit designed A/C through the integration of indoor & outdoor units
  • Expandable air duct
  • Digital self-diagnosis function
  • Strong movable wheels for convenient transfer
  • Strong cooling and intensive cooling
  • Ergonomic and good-looking design


Voltage 220V AC/50HZ
Cooling capacity 2700W/9300BTU
Fan Characteristics High low
Condenser Air flow 400m3/h,236CFM 350m3/h,206CFM
Evaporator Air flow 1200m3/h,706CFM
Rating Current(FLA) 5.0A 4.8A
Max Current(Fuse size) 6A
Consumption power 1000W 960W
Max consumption power 1300W
Compressor Fully enclosed rotary
Condensate Tank Capacity 14L
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant 350g
Operating Range 64F°-113F°(18C°-45C°)
Dimensions 450mm*510mm*1100mm
Weight 55kg


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