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Cooling capacity 95200BTU(28kW)


  • Digital controller for user convenience
  • Power outage restoration function for safe use after power outage
  • Optimization in a high-temperature & high-humidity environment; Intensive cooling for a proper place
  • Usable anywhere in industrial sites
  • Installation in an outdoor space and air circulation through the duct of the product
  • Strong movable wheels for an easy move


Voltage 380V AC/50HZ
Cooling capacity 25000W/95200BUT
Condenser Air flow 6500m3/h,3824CFM
Evaporator Air flow 7000m3/h*2,4117CFM*2
Rating Current(FLA) 20A
Max Current(Fuse zize) 13.2A*2
Consumption power 6780W*2
Max consumption power 7800W*2
Compressor Fully enclosed rotary
Condensate Tank Capacity External water pipe
Refrigerant Type R22
Refrigerant 3500g*2
Operating Range 18OC~45OC
Dimensions 1405mm*900mm*1530mm
Weight 350kg


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